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  1. I am interested in buying used Optimo Style 16-40mm in metric scale. contact me: arbenthachi@gmail.com
  2. I can't decide on whether to buy two used Optimo DP Rouge (16-42 & 30-80) or the Optimo Style 16-40 with 2x Extender. Dom I have read your post regarding the Optimo DP and if there is no compromise on optical quality even with the 15-40mm like you mentioned I would have no doubt chosing the cheaper DP Rouges. But as far I see the big production would always chose the 15-40mm and the footage with the Rouge are often characterised with blown out skies, lost details etc.
  3. Hi, I was wondering has someone been using the Optimo Style series (16-40 & 30-76) from Angenieux and what would be difference or improvements in relation with the Optimo DP Rouge (16-42 & 30-80).
  4. Package include: - Ultimate 2065 Fluid Head (150mm) Euro Style Quick Release (2575-120) Pan handle for 2065, 2575 & 120EX ranges Pan handle extension for 1030-246 & 2575-137 (2575-135) Cine HD Tall Tripod (150mm) Floor Spreader for Cine HD Tripods - ATA Case (foam fitted) - Soft Case for Cine HD tall tripod Hi-Hat 150mm contact me at: arben_th@yahoo.com Price: €8,000.00
  5. I decide to sell my beloved equipment. Know I will be getting a lot of emails but I will respond to those that are interested in the whole package or maybe the lens set and the tripod. Don't miss out the end of the post. Here we go: CAMERA - Red Epic-X Dragon 6K • Titanium PL Mount • SSD Module • Standard OLPF - Aluminium Canon Mount - OLPF (Skin Tone-Highlights) - OLPF (Low Light Optimized) - Module Adaptor - Red Touch 5.0” LCD - Redmote - 2 x 128GB SSDs - 1x 256GB SSD - Red Station RedMag 1.8” - Bomb EVF (OLED) - Top Mount (Adjustable) - Sliding Top Handle - AC Power Adaptor - Wooden Camera 19mm Bridgeplate - Arri Dovetail 2060/2075 12” - ARRI 15mm Base Plate - Jetpack Switronix (USB Output 5V, LEMO 2x4-pin 12v, LEMO 4- pin 5v) - 4 x Anton Bauer Dionic 90W - Anton Bauer T2 Charger LENSES - Zeiss Standard Primes 2.1 (set of 5) (16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 50mm, 85mm) - Flight Case SUPPORT - Ultimate 2065 Fluid Head (150mm) (Euro Style Quick Release Pan handle Pan handle extension Cine HD Tall Tripod (150mm) Floor Spreader for Cine HD Tripods) - ATA Case (Foam Fitted) - Soft Case for Cine HD tall tripod - Hi-Hat 150mm ACCESSORIES - 2 x Movcam Anti-Skid Handgrip & Shoulder Mount - Alan Gordon Camera Comfort Cushion - AB Unipac Battery Belt - Arri FF-5 Cine Follow Focus 15mm/19mm (Extension for Focus knob, Focus Lever) - Arri MB-19 Mattebox 4x5.6" 15mm/19mm (138mm Filter Ring & Reduction Ring 100-80, Arri Top Flag & LMB Set of 5 Mattes) MONITOR - Sony Trimaster 7.4” EL OLED 1920x1080 - Paralinx Arrow Plus 1:1 - Anton Bauer QR-A200 FILTERS - Tiffen 4x5.650 ND 0.3 Water White Glass - Tiffen 4x5.650 ND 0.6 Water White Glass - Tiffen 4x5.650 ND 0.9 Water White Glass - Tiffen 4x5.650 ND 1.2 Water White Glass - Tiffen 4x5.650 Clr/Sunset 2 Ho SE - Tiffen 4x5.650 Ultra Contrast 2 - Tiffen 4x5.650 Clr/Ultra Pola water/white - Tiffen Circular Polariser 82mm - Tiffen ND Variable Neutral Density 82mm - Clamp adapter to use M82 filters in 80mm lenses CASES - Petrol Bag PA1000 - Pelican 1510 Please note that the equipment is in excellent condition, used for personal use and rented in some separate occasions. You are welcomed to checked it out. I am the first owner of all the equipment except for the Lenses and the Paralinx Arrow 1:1. One of the AB batteries won't charge though. I paid something over 80.000 euros for all the above excluding shipping and customs cost. Willing to sell it for 55.000 euros. Europian buyers prefered. For any information contact me only at: arbenthachi@gmail.com
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