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  1. Phil, I honestly couldn't thank you enough for all the time and energy you've given me for my issue. Thank you very much, I most definitely will be following your advice. I'll find a way to get a few more hours just to try to learn all those small details of the cameras. I truly do appreciate it all. Thank you Adrian and David as well. I think I have enough information to lead me in the right direction. Thank you all for your help and patience.
  2. Phil, Thank you so much for the extensive reply! I neglected to mention the fact that we white balance every week. We are using the same lens for both cameras. All the settings are set to manual and were last adjusted long before I started working there some 8 months ago. Unfortunately, I cannot get any images until Sunday at the earliest. The cameras stay locked up until then. I can understand that seeing the color differences could lead a trained eye to noting the lack of or over saturation of a certain color or aspect. I know the settings you're talking about, but they're fairly extensive and in a language I'm not familiar with that it scares away from playing with the options. I am very appreciative of your help. Thank you very much for your insight.
  3. Hello to any and all... This might sound ridiculous, but I'm not sure where else to ask. If I could provide a small bit of backstory, I believe it might help explain my situation. I have no training in cinematography. I started volunteering at my church about 8 months ago. At that time, they needed a camera operator, so I filled the position. I really enjoy working the cameras each week, but every time a problem arises, it takes me a good few days of studying online to be able to solve what's most likely a simple solution. This time, the problem is that the technical director constantly tells me that "camera 2's" colors always seem off. Now, both cameras are exactly the same: they are both JVC-HM750CHU, both on the same tripod with the same settings, sat 4 feet from each other. I'm not sure how the colors could go off as the lighting is always the same, the positioning is always the same, and no one ever touches the settings(although there are other camera operators, so I can't say that with complete certainty) There aren't any professional cinematographers who can help with this issue, and embarrassingly enough, I know the most about them, solely due to my fascination with the art. The only signs we have are a Star Chart and a Pontdumonde color chart, but we don't have a wave form/vectorscope as I've seen "instructional" videos use. I know when I signed up, they said that if I don't receive any answers that its probably because what I post can't be answered in a few lines, but I'm not really looking for step-by-step instructions on how to solve this. What I really need is just for someone to tell me that there's no way to fix this with my current equipment/knowledge, a link of someone else explaining the techniques required, or Anything really... I truly do appreciate any advice anyone has to offer, and I apologize if I posted this in the wrong board or if it did not meet topic requirements. Thank you very much for your time.
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