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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if I could get a little feedback on my cinematography reel any comments are greatly appreciated, thanks. https://vimeo.com/77648972
  2. This is a project I shot in my second year in film school. I'm hoping for some critiques on framing and lighting, specifically how the low light looks. We were going for something very dark but I'm a little concerned I went slightly too dark. You can view it here Thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot Chaz, I got in and haven't fully committed yet, but I'm most likely going to. Luckily for me, the junior college I'm currently at in Minneapolis has a good relationship with them and I'll most likely be able to come in as a junior, so I'm crossing my fingers I'll get to jump right onto the cool equipment sooner rather than later (especially since my current school has much of the same stuff, just in smaller portions). The way I see it, it seems like the best way to push myself into a bigger city and hopefully move on to a place like LA shortly after. I read up on a few school and they didn't seem to have any programs quite as focused on cinematography as Columbia's, plus from people I've talked to and things I've read online, it seems like the cine program is one of the best parts of the school's film department.
  4. I just toured Columbia College Chicago and was considering finishing a BA in Cinematography there. I was wondering if it's worth it to go through their program or just save the money. It seems like they have a lot of internship/networking opportunities, especially through their alumni. Any thoughts on the school?
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