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  1. Hey guys, Any suggestions on a budget 3D printer to print some camera accessories home? Like monitor plates, adapters, lens caps and other mounting solutions? Anyone that uses any specific model, suggestions, thoughts are welcome. Thanks
  2. Anybody used recently Chrosziel Magnum? any comments to share?
  3. This is one of the cons of the Axis 1...you can't add another channel if you want and its not compatible with other brand motors like heden or arri...
  4. don't have the budget for a preston.my budget is around €7000-€8000.i have read some interesting things for all 3 of the systems but i'm trying to discover more.the axis1 though has the most positives until now.i have worked with the bartech for 3 feature films and i didn't like it so much.
  5. Hey guys. Im a 1st AC based in Cyprus. The last 2 months i'm on the search for the most suitable wireless follow focus kit and I'm trying to find the best for my needs. I don't have the chance here to rent one and try it so i'm looking for online reviews of the following 3 kits: 1. Hocus Axis 1 2. RT Motion MK3.1 3. Chrosziel Magnum Anybody that can help me in any way? Pros/Cons? Lag? Anybody that owns any the systems to give me some more details? Experiences while working with any of the above systems? Any comment is very welcome. Thanks guys.
  6. Broken links JD...i saw that as well :) thanks though
  7. Hi guys...Anybody has any frontbox plans to do my own? I have something in mind but i wanted to check your ideas. Thanks
  8. pdf not available...can you please update the link? thanks
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