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  1. I don't know if this is a lost cause, but I'm wondering if it's possible to create ambient soft moonlight over a roughly 30x30 area, without the use of a balloon or crane, and being limited to a Honda EU7000is. My initial thought is to stem two mombo stands to 24' with a 12x12 ultra bounce parallel to the ground. Lighting to a T2.8, 180 shutter, ISO 800 (or 1600 if needed), I was thinking bouncing a joleko or M18 might do the trick, to get to about 2 stops under? But I guess my concerns would be losing too many footcandles by the time it reaches the subjects, or it feeling too sourcey.
  2. Ah good to know. Maybe that's why I can't find any test footage online. Also thanks for letting me know about the diamond shaped bokeh.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with this lens? Either on the bolex or otherwise? I believe it is C-mount, and I was hoping to maybe pick one up to test out on a pocket cam. Just wondering if anyone has any positive or negative experiences adapting it to a M43 mount.
  4. Cool, that's comforting. I'll probably go for the one you have in that case.
  5. Got it. So it's safe to say I could go with either the MB14 or the MB18, granted I get adapters? Thanks!
  6. I'm getting ready to use a set of CP2s on a film next month, and was wondering what MB others have used with these lenses. We'll be shooting on either Epic or Scarlet. All of the CP2s we would be using have a 114mm front diameter. I was looking into the Arri MBs but can't seem to find on their site which diameters fit each MB. Thanks!
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