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  1. Hello- I have a Canon 814 xl-s and I will be shooting a darker, interior scene using Vision 3 500T. I understand the Canon 814 xl-s can accept and recognize films up to 400 ASA. I have further read that Kodak notches its 500T at 400ASA, so according to this, I will not need to use any kind of external light meter and can use the internal exposure meter. Wondering if anyone can verify this for me? Also, the Canon has a variable shutter and I would like to keep it at 220 because I feel it gives a sharper image, but have the ability to go to 150 if necessary. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am preparing to shoot a feature on Super 8mm with sound- (for budget reasons I am unable to use 16mm) and am considering using a Canon 814 xl-s. However, I recently purchased two Nizo 6080s on ebay which arrived with "unexpected mechanical problems" and may be costly to repair. I know the Nizo's are a quiet camera- (even with a cartridge loaded of course) however, I as I consider the Canon, I am wondering if anyone can offer a comparison, "noisewise" of the two? Thank you- M
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