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  1. so basically, keep it between 50-160 ASA for 8mm right? Also, what do they mean when they say " the camera can only handle certain ASA.." I sn't it the same as 16mm and 35 mm cameras that can handle any ASA you load up? thanks for all the replies... most helpful =)
  2. Thanks!! that is very helpful too. I will try those films stocks, I just have one more question for you. What do you mean that my camera is stucked in a 40 asa? I will have it checked... And I am already trying to loosen up the wheel know that i know I can force it a little bit with out damage. in your experience do you under expose by a 1/3 of a stop or you go all the way to 1/2 ..... thanks for every body's answer they are all very helpful.... much to do know.
  3. thanks!!!!! the B&W is actully reversal!!! =)
  4. the film was new, just purchased it from pro 8mm.... it was also developed and transferred there. I am going to send the camera to service, because it has a built in features that ables the camera to under expose the film by 1 or 2 stops and the wheel is currently stucked. And Considering what David Mullen said... it must be it. As I said it is a camera that hasn't run in 32 years ! And I did exposed everything on the built in light meter . i will also double check what processes and how are they been handle by pro 8. thank you all on your responses they have been much helpfull.
  5. Hey!!! Jose Luis Villar!!! I think you actually shot the second video!!!! =)) yeiiiii that makes me really happy!!!!! plssss do tell me more about it!!!!!
  6. thank you all!!! I replayed it and in small formats is ok... it's when I watched it at a big screen that worried me... I guess the eye has to get used to the grain coming from the digital era. Do you think this film was noised reduced?? how do I get results like that... I am really enjoing this format... just want to really get the best of it =) I really like the texture in this one, even if you blow the image screen size or on to your tv.... In this pice I am sure there was lighting involve, because it was a photo shoot, but any comments as far as the latitude and best exp
  7. Hello every one. I shot this film in a Nikon r10 . The camera hasn’t been used in 32 years so… as a result of these tests, I will get it checked as far as the lens and the mechanism goes. The thing is, I did expected to see some grain, but this is excessive right? The B&W is a reversal 200 ASA, and the color one is a Negative 250 daylight. I did use the auto exposure meter built in, in the camera. I shot it at 24fps and 59 fps (the b&w). Got it transferred at pro8mm and color corrected scene – to –scene. So, if any one can share his or her ideas, pls do. I want to know what I did wro
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