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  1. Whoops sorry about that! errrrm, as of this moment I can't figure out how to change that setting on my profile. Once I resolve this issue I'll delete my account and re-register I promise! My name is Hannah Getz.
  2. The anomaly occurs with all but two lenses in bright sunlight. I did some tests yesterday and it seems that the only thing that really gets rid of the reflection is placing a flag over half of the lens, no other flagging or cloth does the trick. I think it must be oily blades, I'm going to contact the rental house.
  3. I am using ND 4 x 5.65 filters and a matte box. Is there anything more I can do? It's putting a real damper on my aperture choices.
  4. I'm using some rented Zeiss Super Speeds (T1.3) on a film I'm shooting on a Red Scarlet. When I tested them at the rental house everything seemed perfect, however now that I am using them outdoors I've found that when I stop down in bright sunlight (or any sunlight really) I can see the iris closing, leaving a kind of pale spot in the middle of the frame. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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