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  1. Hi, My name is Nash. I am originally from India. We are shooting a feature film in Wales in November and December 2015. I wanted to know, how long does the magic hour last in Wales during November and December. I am talking about both the morning and the evening magic hours. Thank you
  2. Hi Does anyone know if there is a 36" or 42" monitor that takes in HD-SDI in? It will primarily be used as a video assist on shoots with a RED EPIC or ALEXA Thank you
  3. Hello, There seems to be no concrete information on the Blackmagic Ultrascope in terms of actually reading the waveform and the histogram. My queries: 1) In the RGB waveform, what are the numbers to the left (0-800); the right side numbers seem to be the IRE's (0-100). 2) What does the composite mode show in the luminance waveform? 3) Has anyone had problems with the histogram? That is the most confusing bit. Thank you, Nachiket
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