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  1. :lol: Hey there, its someone interested in USE ME. I NEED MY REEL. So please fell free of contact me. I have a 3A. eduardofierro@yahoo.com I am in Miami. Ciao.
  2. Hello there! www.eduardofierro.com Its not finish yet, but, Hey I am moving also, so no time for the site. Sorry. :D
  3. Hello There! well "I have had enough of "Lord of the Rings battle sequences". Tell me about it. From now on, every freeking battle is going to have a look donw for the gods view. I am to you know. Now how many ships where there? Thats to much for that era. I GUESS. Well. Ciao
  4. Hello there! I saw it yesterday, and was good, not realy good camera move. to much zooming or a lot off zooming kind of Chinese old fashion. that didn't macht this story. and is not my kind of zoombasticlisiusss.(don't like zoom)/ (exept Kill Bill. kind) Yes, I Think so too, about the anamorphics... Soft, yes some of the shots. I like the moon light shots, just before the sunrise attack. Well. Its a good action pack movie. Ciao. www.eduardofierro.com
  5. I have a IIc with video door/PL/Crystal Base new/one Mag, very clean and good condittion. I also have a IIIc first generation, regular door/one mag/PL Any offers? Thanks Eduardo Fierro
  6. I saw it back In January, in DVD, But I Can't wait for the theater, Its the one of the most beautifull films in this time. Its a Poem. In the AC last year they had and article about it, so they didn't relace until now. So I was excite when i saw the trailer in Kill bil V2(great movie by the way) PLease, a most see movie. Eduardo Fierro
  7. I was wondering if that were you!!!!!!! :D . Well, Yes Sex and Guilt. It came out great. But, AUDIO IS a Pain in the Ass!!!!! Dude Where the F..... Are Youuuu!. I saw MR. Dave Rob, in the celia Cruz Funeral he was taking Pixs. And I was Doing two cans of 250D and 435es and a Zoom Angelina.... jejejejejjeje Walking all around, It was freaking heavy. check the trailer, and I just shot 640T on the party where its darker feeling for the drunkness part of it. But mostly shot, 5298 also discounttinued..... SUCKs ,Such a Beautyfull Film Stock.and 5246D http://www.eduardofierro.com/Featurelength.html hey good to know you still around!!!. Keep in touch...! ok Eduardo Fierro :blink:
  8. java script:emoticon(':)')Thanks, I will try this tomorrow. I have the Battery already. Thanks for the Info.
  9. I need some help here!. How I change the Internal battery on the Arri III, No idea where its? Thanks Eduardo Fierro
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