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  1. Hey people, I hope you all doing fine! I have a shoot upcoming week and a question regarding a certain effect which we would like to replicate. It is from the film "L'enfer" from Henri-Georges Clouzot. Here the link to the scene/effect we want to achieve: https://youtu.be/_8IpOm68cPE Would love to here your suggestions! Important to know: We are a really small crew and there is not a lot time and rigging available. Therefore it would be ideal to have some "run and gun" solutions that I can refine during the prep. Light-wise we will have same Asteras, some small Aputure Pocket Lights and small LED-Panels. Hope you can help me out! Best Grégory
  2. Hey guys, I'm a big fan of the Easyrig. I have the Easyrig Minimax myself, and really love it! I mostly shoot with cameras rigged up to 4-6kg round about. I was tihinkg about getting the Flowcine Serene - for Gimbal work and other stuff, but found out, that it doesn't fit on the Easyrig Minimax. So I wanted to ask you guys, if there are any generic alternatives, like the Flowline Placid or something else that fit on the Easyrig. Or maybe the Flowcine Serene fits on the Easyrig Minimax and I'm just wrong? I'm sure they don't have the full quality like the Flowcine Serene, but wanted to know your experiences with other Serene-type-spring arms. all the best Gregory
  3. Hey Nick, thanks so much for your detailed response! It clarifies a lot to me. Based on your amazing answer I have a few more questions: Can you elaborate on that? My english is not the very best. With overexposing half a stop I understand - but the rest of the sentence :) are the lenses parfocal? So I can trust the focus when zooming completely in and then out? What does that mean with the XL shutter? I just googled quickly and it looks like my Beaulieu doesn't have a XL shutter. And the last one: I see a lot of S8 films and they look like they've been speed up..Why is it like that? Really have to say that scan you attached looks incredible good! That makes Super8 really enjoyable for me! best greg
  4. Thank you for your answer Frank! Do you know if it is possible to get the S8 Transfer into LOG Color Space?
  5. Hey guys, I just bought a Beaulieu 4008 ZM 2 - which is in pristine condition - happy about that :) Mainly it is because I want to experiment with Super8 and see how I can implement it in my work. During my research I watched a lot of Super8 stuff that is going on in the internet. And I noticed huge quality differences. Some is grainy as hell, not really sharp and looks very desaturated. And then there is stuff like this: or this: This is the "quality" I'm aiming for. How to get it? The right film stock? Enough light and good composition? The processing in the end? Would love to here your suggestions. All the best gregory
  6. oh wow no focus puller.. I thought that was also the secret to get these shots in focus. Yeah MoVi would be different and I'm not a big fan of it. It is exactly that type of handheld look I like - the one in the video. I thought the Flowcine Sirene will help with that and avoids the swinging side2side..
  7. Focus puller might be also very important in this one, isn't it? The thing is when I try to operate like this, I can often notice vibration or motion errors on the vertical from walking or running with the camera. How you handle this? all the best gregory
  8. Hey guys, I'm quite a huge fan of handheld camera. Especially when it is dynamic in a sports commercial. Here is an example: As you can see the camera - when they are playing football - is very dynamic, shaky but still it is clear. With clear I mean, your eye can catch everything. It doesn't look "confused". How do they get this - besides having experience and practicing a lot? Is it simple just have the camera with an easy rig and then doing "normal handheld" or is there more to it? Really curious! all the best gregory
  9. thanks again David! one more from my side :) does it help to have the camera/lens as close as possible to the glass and shoot as wide open as possible? best gregory
  10. thanks David for your answer! anything else I should take into consideration? can it help to shoot it at a certain time because of the position of the sun? i think we won't have the opportunity to add light inside of the car best gregory
  11. Hey guys, mid next week I'll have a three day shoot. On one day we will/want to shoot a guy how is sitting in the back and watching the environment he passes, while the car is driving. we will shoot it with the Blackmagic pocket camera, because it is easy to rig on the outside of the car. I did that some years ago, and it worked fine. However this was a night shot, now we will shoot in daytime so i'm aware of possible reflections (and for sure there will be some). So for me it is not so important to cut all the reflections out, but it is very important to see the guy who is sitting inside and how is view wanders around. here is an example spot (look for the scenes with the little girl inside the car) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqlaV1SAqGE Could a Polarizer filter help? And what about putting a black flag on the car window, that reaches over the camera? best gregory
  12. i have both blackmagic cameras. but i want to use the zoom mainly on the cinema camera (2,5k) as it is my A-Cam. maybe i will call abakus to ask which image circle the conversion creats
  13. hi, i was looking for a conversion for my zeiss 10-100mm t2 markII to s16, to use it on my blackmagic camera. do you know if the wides will still vignette? or till which focal length it will vignette? i found a company named abakus and they offer conversion. the thing i'm worried about is loosing image quality through the conversion. maybe u know something about it? and how will they make the conversion. only with an extender? hope to get some infos :) best gregory
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