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  1. ... we own a Aaton A-Minima Serial NR: A213 unfortunately we don´t have the Handgrip and the Nikon Mount and we would like to use our Old 70ties Nikon Lenses with it :/ is there anybody out there who could sell us a used Wooden Handgrip & the Nikon Mount and maybe a Top Handle for the A-Minima at a reasonable price? thanx Arthur
  2. Hello Freya we winded the film like it should be ( B-side ) with the emulsion out, into the Kodak Spools, what do you mean with own loads and not using the official Kodak loads? thanx Arthur
  3. Hello everybody, I´m new to this forum, but maybe someone out there can help... We are two filmmakers from Hamburg / Germany and we would like to experiment with old Filmstocks from Russia, old Black & White ORWO and SVEMA materials from 1992 We own an Aaton A-Minima and the first loaded spool did not worked the magazine and the camera shred the Film... I´ve read some posts here where that happened wit XTR aaton had someone worked with non Kodak Material on A-Minima? thanks in advance Arthur & Eric
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