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  1. I’m in New York from Sept 16 - 21 demonstrating a new AC / DIT cart which I've designed. I would like advice on where to show the cart to DITs and ACs in person! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Bill Kerrigan Montreal, Quebec, Canada 514 486 8456 - Office 514 238 9775 - Mobile bill@kerrigan.ca http://www.kerrigan.ca
  2. If you're going to NAB next week, please drop by the Matthews Studio Equipment booth C5437, and I'll demonstrate their new cart system. For decades, I’d been using the ‘converted carts’ (with Magliner parts), but was always looking for something more flexible and creative. In 2013, two Montreal grips (each with 35 years experience) helped me fabricate the prototypes. Because its built with standard film industry parts, including 4 baby pins… everything in the grip department just fits.
  3. If you're attending NAB 2016, please visit the Matthews Studio Equipment (booth C5437) and I'll give you a demo of the new Kerri Kart. The cart can be configured as a camera kart, a DIT kart, or a production kart with dolly=slider option depending on what is purchased. The Kerri Kart was designed around a lightweight, yet robust rolling base capable of transporting a significant amount of gear while still fitting through a standard doorway. The rest of the kart is built out of standard grip equipment along with a variety of shelving and dolly/slider options. The Kerri Kart base includes 4
  4. I would like feedback from professional grips on the subject of foam vs pneumatic tires for a 2' x 4' two shelf equipment dolly. Every grip I've spoken with so far have recommended pneumatic... Their reasons: - Foam tires can form a flat spot when left too long with a heavy load, but they do regain their shape overtime. - Foam can be 'out of round' when cold or frozen. - Will slowly disintegrate overtime. - More effort need to push a cart with foam tires in mud and grass. A rental company, told me they converted to foam, but overtime the foam separated from the rubber and
  5. Matthews will be demonstrating their slider cart at new Cine Gear Expo June 5-6th in LA. www.kerrikart.com
  6. If anyone is visiting Cine Gear Expo June 5-6th in LA, please drop by the Matthews Studio Equipment booth and say hello. I'll give you a demonstration of my slider the KerriKart. http://www.cinegearexpo.com/83/ Bill Kerrigan - DP Montreal Quebec Canada http://www.kerrigan.ca
  7. My multi purpose camera cart design, will be introduced at NAB at the Matthews Studio Equipment booth C05437. So if you're going to NAB in April, please drop by and I'll give you a demonstration... I could use the support. - It carries all my production equipment - Fits in a 4’ x 2’ space in my vehicle - Breaks down and assembles in less than 5 minutes - Strong, tough and durable - Weather proof - Easy to push and turn - Rolls on any terrain - Works in mud and snow - Pneumatic tires - Has two shelves - Fits in small elevators * Multi purpose (I can't divulge more at this time) Bill K
  8. When recording an interview, I've been using a shotgun (416) on one track and a super cardioid on the other track. I've found the end result gives a higher quality recording, rather than using a lav on one of the tracks. I was wondering if any sound professionals do the same?
  9. No standard! Thank you everyone, very helpful. Dennis, I don't own a F55 yet... I'm wait for a project to support the investment. I shoot mostly documentaries and unfortunately producers keep requesting the C300. Bill Kerrigan - DP Montreal, QC Canada http://www.kerrigan.ca
  10. I'm about to buy a 4K camera and recorder, and my sliders won't carry the weight. I'm selling my Cinevate Atlas 30 Camera Slider, Chinese (knockoff Pegasus) Camera Slider, and Cinevate Ballare Dolly Wheels. http://www.ndgmontreal.ca/ndgmontreal/Grip_Equipment.html Thanks, Bill Kerrigan - DP Montreal, QC Canada http://www.kerrigan.ca
  11. I'm building a dolly to carry my camera and lighting gear, and I'd like to use quality pneumatic caster wheels. Can anyone recommend someone who is knowable or the best source or the brand to buy. Thanks, Bill Kerrigan - DP Montreal, QC Canada http://www.kerrigan.ca
  12. I looked at many slider dollies similar to the Dana Dolly at NAB 14... is there a universal standard for the distance between rails or does each manufacture just arbitrary choose a size? Thanks, Bill Kerrigan - DP Montreal, QC Canada http://www.kerrigan.ca
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