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  1. I'm trying to process 16mm color negative film and don't get good results: https://vimeo.com/326199085 Anyone has and idea what I'm doing wrong? ************** I'm using following process: Pre-wash - 50C° - 1 min ( 2 times) Anti-remjet removal - 55C° - 3 min Wash - 10C°- 1 min ( 2 times) Wash - 38C°- 1 min ECN-2 Color Developer SD49 - 38C°- 3:15 min Stopbath - 38C°- 3:15 min Wash - 38C°- 1 min (2-3 times) Blix (from Tetenal E-6 Kit) - 38C°- 3 min Wash - 38C°- 1 min (2-3 times) Remjet is still there, so I'm removing it with Borax solution Wash Stabilizer - 2min ************** Thank you so much!
  2. Thank you so much! Editor/viewer is a very good idea and I will try to get this one from ebay. I wrote to Graham and actually projector does have a lens. Here's his instruction, maybe somebody else might find it useful: The lens on this machine is set into the body if you remove the side cover you will see the lens set in a tube there is either a slider or knurled knob on the side of the machine for focussing. Give it a try - the picture is not bright!
  3. Thank you! I've tried with 16mm lenses from Bell & Howell and Bauer projectors. First one is too small, second is large. It's not a picture of my projector, but it's the same model.
  4. Hello! I'll be much appreciated if you know what lens use Pathé Baby 9.5mm projector. I have some family material filmed on 9.5mm and I'm trying to watch it and choose parts for telecine. Projector motor and lamp are in function, film is loading but there is no lens. Is anyhow possible to use lenses from super 8/16mm projectors or cameras? Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you guys, you helped me very much! For begining we are going to do some tests here and see what will come out.
  6. Yes, thank you! It will a help a lot and prevent a first moment of panic with milkyness look. Plese, tell me just one more thing: is it the same steps and durations with Wittner stock and Tetenal E-6 (as it was with Ektachrome)?
  7. Hello! Does anyone has experience with home processing new Wittner Super 8? I used to work with Tetenal chemistry and Ektachrome stock. Is there some differences in developing Chrome 200D and where should I pay attention during processing. Thank you very much and regards, Milica
  8. Thak you for quickly answer! Sure, we have plans to start with tests. 5D and maybe with Canon XF105, those camers we can afford right now. But what you thinking about filming on Betacam and than transfer on 16mm? Would it be too raw? Good think is that we have old guy here who had a lot of experience doing telecine from digital to 16/35mm on a way you described. I guess we'll do tests in next month, so I'll post it. Thank you again for support, Milica
  9. Hi everyone, I follow your forum and topics for a while and it helps me a lot in a work with super 8/16mm. Reason is I finally write is question about transferring material from digital format to 16mm. Can you give some hints and directions for further researching? Project we are working on is documentary about avangard artist and the reason I wants to avoid digital formats mixing with archive material is that those archive materials are very roughh and low-fi. They are mostly shot on VHS, Super 8 and Betacam Is there some 'affordable' way for this action? it would be about 20-25 min of material at most. I'm very limited here in Serbia to search ask for. Help is more than welcome! Thank you and regards from Belgrade, Milica
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