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  1. Hi so i recently got an h4n and when i am recording with the onboard mic the right channel seems to be much louder/ more sensitive than the left. I can fix it by just using the pan right and left but i have to pan it to around 80 left for it to match and that just doesnt seem right so if anyone knows how i can fix this please let me know also i seem to be getting a lot of noise in the background and im not sure how to get rid of it or lower it down Thanks, Eric
  2. sorry im new to this site i didnt see the film school section
  3. Hey im still in highschool just going into grade 12 i live in canada and was wondering which film school to go to. I know the everyone says that Ryerson is the best in canada but i just feel like its more theory then hands on (i know that you do do films and such but not as much). My other thoughts were the new york film academy in the US and the national film and television school in the UK. I feel like those schools are a lot more hands on and getting set experience when ryerson is more this is how film began kinda stuff. So my question really is is it worth the extra money to go to a film school outside of canada? Thanks, Eric
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