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  1. Hi I have the retroscan Universal For better quality ? , should I reduce the 2K to HD in FCPX or Resolve or have a direct scan in HD
  2. Perhaps, 1/30 (220°) in 18fps is not good ? or the lens ?
  3. When I use this camera in low light with a Vision 3 200T , I often blurred images.
  4. Yes all day 1 or 2 cartridges every day for 15 days. I would be a few days on the back of an elephant and a boat
  5. but it's heavy 2kg (4.4 lbs) all day on the back, no?
  6. My suitcases are not closed, I await your answers
  7. I have various S8 Canon AF310 : 8.5 wide angle is too short Beaulieu 6008 Pro : Heavy for travel. Chromatic abberation in tele position Canon 1014 xl-s : too heavy and I have not very sharp images in low light Sankyo Em60XL : chromatic abberation in "tele" position but compact, 24fps !, good in low light. Tremor when I Took over this camera Sankyo ES 44XL : 18fps only ! but sharp Nizo 481 : viewfinder dark in low light, I have special cell but I dislike this system. The silver aspect is good for this camera. Canon 514 xls : I don't know I'm traveling tomorrow in Thailand and I don't know which to take, I'm looking for the most sharp, light weight. I will move a lot. I have Vision 3 50D and 200T, 500T Thank you for your quick help ;)
  8. I adore super 8 since my childhood, I always used various super 8 cameras in France but I find that it is necessary to choose. Who changes the lens on Beaulieu really!. My zooms are not compatible (Beaulieu Zoom and 6-80 Schneider Zoom) nevertheless it is the same 6008 Pro cameras Beaulieu 6008 : If I use a manual lens (for example 15mm) I need a cell hand (sorry i don't know the english word). While on my Beaulieu 4008 the correct exposure can be see with the needle. In Beaulieu 6008 the orange diode is always switched on in manual exposure. What would interest me to know knowledge it is for the sharpness, colors, facility, low light, focus what is the best ? I also find that Beaulieu is liked a lot, but they are often defects, more than Canon between them and is needed a cell(unit) for hand with an objective of camera (of an other one mark(stand out)), thus which interest? I would like to know at the level of the stability, pricked, color, facilitated.
  9. Hi I have various super 8 cameras, if i must choice only one camera. Which one to choose? and why? Beaulieu 6008 S Pro Synchro quartz 24/25 Beaulieu Zoom Beaulieu 6008 S Pro Synchro quartz 24/25 6-80 Schneider Zoom Canon 1014 XL-S + 1 Single 8 Fujica ZC1000N Thank you
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