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  1. I'm actually using it for music recording, Not film.
  2. Hey guys, I'm still in high school, but as of now I do not have a good camera at all. My main purpose is too make short films and music videos. Any ideas on a camera to get that isn't too pricey? Thanks.
  3. Hey guys. This weekend I'm filming a music video for a friend and I was wondering if you had suggestions for a free editing software that still does a decent job? She's covering a Lorde song so the video switches between a party and a peaceful setting that she she keeps having flashbacks to. Thanks.
  4. I'm 16 too so I feel ya haha. Were you going to go to college for film? Also if you find a good editor please let me know! Thanks.
  5. Just bought this MXL 550/551R Condenser Ensemble Microphone Kit, Red with Chrome Grill. First time buying a mic. It's internally wired so do we need to buy cables and phantom power? Also any other tips for using it would be great.
  6. Having trouble getting videos of of my memory card into any editing software. It says the files are CPI files... Any ideas?
  7. Currently making my first short film and I'm not very experienced in editing. Any suggestions on what to use for editing?
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