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  1. hi Brian, i'll be filming footage in Torres del paine and other location in the patagonia from about the 27th of oct to 12th nov i imagine during this time it'd be pretty overcast in most areas which is why i opted for the 250D.
  2. excellent advice Dirk, thank you - i hadn't even considered any damage to the film from running it on a loop so i'm very glad you brought this to light - I'm considering now the kodak films you've mentioned specifically 7207/250D.
  3. Hi all, i am heading to the Patagonia in a couple months to start production on an installation piece i am working on - i am shooting film footage on a 16mm Krasnogorsk-3 movie camera and wanted to get some tips or advice on what colour films that you might suggest for such a project. i am taking landscape shots which i plan to project and play on loop in slow motion to the point where the movie footage will appear to be a 'moving photograph' I'm based in Sydney and have done a small amount of research and have found a lab in victoria that offers Aviphot 200asa at 100' for $45au. does anyone have any experience with this film? or would you recommend it for landscape shots? any advice on this would be really greatly appreciated. thanks very much.
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