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  1. Thanks guys for all of your responses! David, I've heard great things about the Lasergraphics Director, I'll have to ask Metro Post for a quote. And you've definitely made a strong case for 2k in terms of grain resolution. Also, Evan - it's cool that you commented on this post, I really dig your work and that Nightlife video was actually the video that gave me the confidence to really push into the realms of underexposure with 5219, so thanks, it's a beautiful piece of work. Was that shot with only existing/available light? I'm a bit nervous that I may have pushed a bit too far into the da
  2. Hi all, I've recently finished shooting a music video on 4-perf 35mm, 5219. I'm about to send the film off for processing/transfer and I'm sort of stuck as to whether I should get an HD telecine or a 2k scan. The price difference given the amount of film I'm working with is not that large of a concern. My lab of choice (the wonderful Video and Film Solutions in Maryland) uses a Spirit for both. Now obviously, as it's a music video, it'll only ever be viewed on computer screens, so I'm sure the difference won't be too drastic between the two, but there are still some factors to consider
  3. Are you still looking for one of these? I have one available, I sent you a PM.
  4. Thanks very much for your replies!
  5. Hello! This is my first post here on the forum and I would like to begin it by thanking everyone who posts on here; this forum has been a huge source of information for me, basically like the film school I couldn't afford, so yeah thanks everyone. I just recently acquired an Arri 2c, one that was advertised by the seller as a high speed model. It has the tachometer that reads up to 80fps, but from doing research on this forum and others, I understand that it is possible to attach that tach to a non high speed model. I've read that the only fool-proof way of determining if the camera is an
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