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  1. Price drop... $24,000 for Briese Focus.2 motion (2.5k daylight HMI) and still (Broncolor Scoros S) kit
  2. Resubmitting as the photo link didn't work on the last one Adding a photo to this post on my Briese Focus 100 with 2.5k daylight HMI and Broncolor flash...
  3. Adding a photo to this post on my Briese Focus 100 with 2.5k daylight HMI and Broncolor flash...
  4. Looking for a buyer who shoots stills as well as motion and would rather own then rent a dual purpose Briese. I'm selling my Briese Focus.2 100. The Focus.2 100 is brand new and comes with motion and still setup. For motion, an older Briese 2.5K daylight HMI with just over 1,000 hours on head/ballast (works great). For stills, brand new, factory direct Briese strobe head fitted for Broncolor packs with a like new Broncolor Scoro S 3200 RFS Power Pack. All additional tubes/accessories/adapters needed for the Focus.2 100 to go between still and motion as well as 1/4 and 3/4 diffusion. The Focus 100 travel bag is included as well as an older, non-focus, square 100 reflector which is the only item that needs some tlc. Asking $28,000 ($40,000 if purchased separately - the Scoro alone is $14,000). I’m really interested in selling the whole kit (not breaking it up). So either the dual purpose fits your business model or you know someone who can appreciate the amazing features of the Broncolor Scoro S. If interested, message me and I’ll send photos (or video) of all the items. Again, the focus reflector is brand new, the Scoro is like new (6 jobs shot on it), and the only item with age, the Briese HMI ballast and head, has just over 1000 hours. Thank you. Mark
  5. Tim, Thanks for your reply. Now that you say it, it makes sense with the fan and recording audio. Mine doesn't look to have a fan kill switch. I also don't have the coveted focus reflector, just a square one. Details/images are at: http://client.pixellight.com/BrieseHMI/index.html Again, thank you for stating some obvious (to cine guys) issues and directing me towards most appropriate uses/users. Mark
  6. Hello Cinematography community. I am a still photographer that uses a scan back camera to capture my still photos. Because each photo is scanned over time (verses the instant capture of a DSLR) I use continuous light sources (verses flash). One of those sources is a Briese 2500watt HMI which I bought new, have had for a while, and used for only 1,080 hours. I'm looking to sell it and for those who know of this German brand, it's not something you drop on craigslist. Any suggestions on where best to post this item for sale? Thank you. Mark
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