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    Canon 60D
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    Mostly shoot interviews for business videos.
    Worked in small spaces to light aircraft simulators.
    Moderate experience with green screen work.
  1. Good evening everyone, I am applying for a masters degree in Entrepreneurial Cinema and need to do a documentary film treatment based on a concept of mine. Ive done narrative film treatments before but never for a documentary. I was wondering if anyone had tips, suggestions or maybe even samples I could base on. Any help would be tremendously appreciated! Jesse Varas
  2. I love to take still on the side for fun, but I guess looking into a cinema camera would be a possibility. Based on my budget though; is there something you would recommend?
  3. Good morning guys, For the past years I've been doing airline videos and short documentaries with my Canon 60D. It has been my faithful companion but I think it is time for a change. My budget is around 3,500 dollars and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. So far I'm liking a lot the Canon 5D Mark III. I would use it mostly for short docs and the odd narrative, trying to step it up a bit. God bless, Jesse Varas
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if theres books were worth it. I have Vol. 1 and its good and all but I don't know if I should purchase Vol. 2 and 3. If any of you own them, what do you suggest?
  5. I'm shooting at 30fps. I haven't installed magic lantern. I really think I should look into that. Thanks for the suggestions Zac, I appreciate it.
  6. They are pretty new actually. The thing is, my predecessor recorded with a 60D before and they didn't have that problem. I need to test out with different shutter speeds. I also thought focal length might have something to do with it.
  7. Hey Guys, I've been having some issues with a video I am working on. I am shooting a short inside a 747 simulator for work. It is a simple set-up, I have 2 umbrella lights with 105watts bulbs in them in the back. In the front I have a small china lantern with a 200-watt bulb in it. I am shooting with a Canon 60D and a wide zoom lens 10-22mm with an aperture of 3.5. The lighting is flat, but its bright which is what my employer wants as it is an instructional video for pilots. Everything is okay except when I get the content of the monitors in the sim the image shown on the actual monitors (plane information) looks like it flickers. I tried adjusting shutter speed, ISO and f/stop but nothing changed. It really affects the viewing. I was wondering if anybody knew a solution, maybe a setting inside the camera that I can change, a frequency or something. I'd be very grateful for any feedback. Jesse Varas
  8. Hey Guys, I'm new here and was wondering if any of you could help me out. I work for an airline and have to shoot a series of training videos inside one of the simulators. It is usually a small, tight space and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on how to light it. I was thinking of using some umbrella lights and pointing them down onto the dash and hopefully bounce some of it onto my subjects. I don't really need to have them well lit, just the dash as a whole. Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Jesse
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