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  1. Hi, I'm looking to sell my Weisscam HS-2. The camera itself it is an high end camera, but of course with a 2K sensor. Isn't a cheap slomocamera, there's no compression of the quality from 1 to 2000fps The camera work perfectly but I need to rebuild my equipment and I don't need 2 High Speed cameras. Here the characteristics: WEISSCAM HS-2 MkII Super slomo camera, 2k sensor. 1500fps @2K 2100fps @1920x1080 4400fps @ 1280x720 stand alone camera, PL mount, EF mount, Nikon mount, 2 data cables (30cm. and 6mt.), power supply, hand unit. 32GB Ram allowed 8sec. of buffering at 1000fps for any more info please contact me Best Andrea
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