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  1. Ok firstly trainee isn't an 'intern' here in the UK trainee is just the lowest paid rank , we are training but on the job and getting paid (fairly well by starter salary standards ) . That said discussion into internships isn't null and void I admit as undoubtedly they do exist and get exploited . I just happen to have had the luck of only ever doing a grand total of about 10 days work experience before people started paying me. Freya reading it back maybe I came across as slightly harsh then , I wasn't really criticising the feedback , I just thought I would let it be known that it isn't my personal experience , balance the books as it were as I would hate to think people would give up or be put off if positive feedback didn't have an online Pavan - I'm not sure where I sit on this one , because I certainly am middle class but I don't think my class has much to do with me getting ahead . And in addition to this I've met a hell of a lot of very respected working class people in my brief time in the industry so far , if anything I would say my class has been a disadvantage as some sparks find it a bit off putting when they think you're a right **(obscenity removed)** toff and have been to private school etc . (I haven't at all ) . Miguel - no in fact perhaps you already know this but the people who have been helping me get my work and that I'm working with again on this one were very much involved in a good few of those titles . Regardless all I wanted to do by following this up is to bring some balance and show other young hopefuls that however hard it is possible . And yes I know my work may dry up at some point but so far Ive had quite the roll .
  2. Far from wanting this to turn into a topic of me blowing my own trumpet I just want to say , for all those out there that may be in my situation 2 years ago , if I had listened to some of the negative comments when I opened the thread I would have made one of the biggest mistakes of my life . since April this year I have been in almost constant employment as a trainee , working on two feature films and a major TV series (which I just last week wrapped on ) I'm on a plane to Poland to have a bit of an Xmas holiday and relax , but in January I start on Star Wars episode 8 as the trainee on the main unit . So to all those who say this industry is hopeless impossible , etc I say quite frankly , you are misinformed , find the right contacts , do some work experience for them work hard for them , and it would appear this industry is far from hopeless . (Yes I'm a massive Star Wars fan ) I hope everyone has as much success as me .
  3. a well documented and loved combo perfect for the lightweight self shooter types on here... working in feature its not getting the use it deserves. £1200 + shipping
  4. excellent condition super 16 , 16mm superspeed mark ii pl mount. £1200 + postage
  5. Leeds northern film school is getting good ratings I think and offer a cinematography specialisation route , London film school also good , goldsmiths and met are worth a look too.
  6. Miguel , thanks for a long and considered post , thought I would give you all an update / recognition thanks for responding . I am currently working on a feature with some of the very crews you mention , Sherlock , gladiator , Harry Potter etc . I should mention also paid not an internship Im taking full trainee wage ... Which is not bad pay ! By my standards anyway , being a 23 ur old single graduate I feel in a good position to tackle this route ! They are a lovely bunch of people and although very serious about the work I do feel very looked after , though not mollycoddled in any way, they expect hard work and quick learning , but it's allways rewarded with a great feeling of gratitude , being told your doing good work is the best thing , despite having loads to learn and being very green . physically the work is tough , there are certain aspects I need to work on to improve , my organisation and neatness for example , Im quite a creative , and have all the cliché attributes that accompany that . But I am so gratefull to have the opportunity to work with them , I just hope it may continue after this project ...
  7. I just said I got taken on a paid job , how did this turn into an in depth critique of uk film crews....
  8. That's completely fair Phil . I'm not really opposing your veiw about the status quo , Im sure you know what your talking about . But I am being paid . It's fairly a list and seeing Leavesden studios so buzzing as last week while I tried out , I guess I just don't see it yet . Maybe I will in the future , until then , let me enjoy the small successes yeah ?
  9. Phil , let me have my moment in the sun would you ? I'm under no delusions of how precarious my position is . But it's a step in the right direction and I wanted to give some hope to those who may currently be in the position I was at this time last year . Why the unwavering negativity ?
  10. Hey guys , just checking back in , to let you all know that my story has a happy ending . I got in . I am now a camera trainee with lots to learn . But with decent employment , working in film in London . And in proper high end cinema too . No it wasn't easy , yes I am propably lucky . But to anyone out there thinking it's too difficult , I say , screw that , it's not . Have a lovely day guys thanks to everyone who offered kind words and advice.
  11. Hmmm cheers guys , looks like I will recompose my shot ideas and see if I can create a similar sense in a tighter composition , maybe much closer on the silhouettes with only the sea in the shot and no horizon/sky and play on the sense of panic from the girls ... Anyway glad to have your experienced words of warning , I have been making some general grade tests in full day for night to capture some hard moonlight effects - compositionally and content wise they are not relevant as such but a study of the lighting and post work involved - would be grateful for any critique / ways to improve.
  12. sorry i edited once and now i can't re edit ... slightly different version review this one i guess ...
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