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  1. Camera Essentials will be discontinuing our Weather Protector line of raincovers. We have the following items on sale! These prices are 40% off retail. RED Dragon/Weapon Weather Protector $228 each Phantom Flex 4K Weather Protector $216 each Alexa Mini Weather Protector $216 Alexa Studio Weather Protector $238 each Please contact me if you are interested in getting a quote that includes shipping. While supplies last! Alexa Classic Weather Protector has sold out. Patti Harrison Camera Essentials cameraessentials@gmail.com 626-844-3722
  2. Camera Essentials camera raincover sale is underway! For a 20% discount on our website: coupon code is RAIN (for raincovers only) Alexa, Epic, Sony F55/F5 Weather Protectors We still have some FILM camera raincovers at a deep discount, attached is the list with prices We also have a few sample raincovers, along with some raincovers for Steadicam (the clear vinyl kind) While supplies last.... Patti Harrison Camera Essentials www.cameraessentials.com cameraessentials@gmail.com Raincover Sale 2017.pdf
  3. Our Cable Wallets are now available on Amazon - free shipping if you have Amazon Prime! http://www.amazon.com/Portable-Organizer-Wallet-pockets-accessories/dp/B01DV07IEG
  4. Cable Wallets are now available on Amazon.com for $34.95. Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime!
  5. Spring Cleaning! some one-of-a-kind items from Camera Essentials: Desert Camo Standby Cover (47"L x 54"H) waterproof ripstop fabric $35.00 last one Standby Cover Black outside/white inside (54"L x 36"H) waterproof $35.00 last one Waterproof Silver Gear Head Standby Cover (33"L x 24"H) for PanaHead or ArriHead $25.00 Small size Sample Cable Wallets 6 -5" x 6" pockets $16.00 Medium Harrison Dark Cloth (fabric flaw) $24.00 (list price $75.00) Gently used Harrison Pup Tent $50.00 Call or Email Patti cameraessentials@gmail.com #626-844-3722
  6. Camera Essentials is having a closeout sale on our film camera raincovers - the prices are awesome. Please call or email Patti at (626) 844-3722 or cameraessentials@gmail.com for more info or pix. Camera Essentials Weather Protectors: Film Camera’s (#1068) Arri 235 200’ magazine $75.00 (#1070) Arri 235 400’ magazine $78.00 (#1072) Arri 416 $125.00 (#1057) Arri 435 (1000’ zoom) $179.00 (#2249) Arricam LT (1000’ prime) $189.00 (#2244) Arricam ST prime $199.00 (#2245) Arricam ST zoom $199.
  7. I'm clearing out my samples, prototypes, and film camera raincovers, so check out the list. (#5001) Desert Camo Standby Camera Cover 36 x 56” $35.00 with storage sack (#5092) Panahead or Arrihead Standby Cover silver waterproof, 22 x 32” $24.00 (#1035) Medium Silver Dark Cloth Seconds, silver waterproof on outside, black on inside $54 x 56” $40.00, can be used as a raincover (#5825) Black Steadicam Rain Poncho Samples $45.00 each (#2260) Stabilizer Arm Bags $43.00 fits all arms Camera Essentials Weather Protectors: Film Camera’s (#1068) Arri 235 200’ magazine
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