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  1. Hi, im shooting a documentary the next weekend and Im doing some scenes underwater (its about a triathlete) I was wondering if using some kino flo lights (outside the pool, obviously) would help? the pool is outdoors but i bet it will be cloudy. im gonna rent 2 o 3 kino flos anyway for that day so i wasnt sure if i needed them for the pool scene. My second question is about the filters, do i need a red filter on camera or on the lights? That day i would be using: Canon 7d and 60d tokina 11-16 canon 50mm 1.4 canon 24-70 4 GoPro hero 3 black edition dicapac underwater case (other cases are way too expensive) 3x kino flo lights i hope you can help me sorry about my english if I said something wrong gracias!
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