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  1. Hello Everyone, I have a few questions to ask, Ill be shooting a web series next week and i would like to be using the most out of the C300 and shoot C-log my only problem is that you can't send a LUT out of the SDI from c300. Any monitors you can recommend that has built-in C-log LUT ? my other question is regarding frame-rate I live in a Pal region ; although this is a web-series and not a broadcast thing i wanted to know if i shoot 23.97 fps would affect this. I'm asking this because I'll be using some HMI fixtures and shooting with fluorescent light. Many thanks Joe Saade
  2. Hello Everyone, I am currently in pre-production for a music video. We will be filming it on the Arri Alexa. The director would like to achieve the effect of VHS. I know this could be done in post production but i had this idea. ; i dont know if it works. So i would want to film everything on camera and keep the raw footage for later but i was thinking maybe if its possible to Rec OUT from Alexa to a VHS Recorder ?! Anyone tried it before ?? Thanks a lot and i'm very open to hear any suggestions on how we would able to achieve the look on set . Thanks
  3. That is correct!! ill then get the shutter angle of 1/50 which makes it safe for a 50hz ballast Thanks
  4. the ballasts are 50hz... i know i should run a test but its not that of a high budget music video (although were shooting on an alexa) Usually i shouldn't have problems and i could always add a preferable shutter angle on set to modify it with... but i thought there might be some sort of formula to get this. Thanks for your reply
  5. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here, and i hope you would be able to answer my question. So in two days i'll be shooting a music video on the Alexa. The director would want the looks of the fluorescent light inside the shot. We'll be filming this on 36fps so we get this somehow slow motion effect the fluorescent lamps are 50hz. My question is what would the shutter angle be if were shooting on 36fps so i dont get filcker? Thanks Joe Saade
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