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  1. At the risk of sounding silly & being shut down by purist and snobs. Has anyone used an LED ceiling panel on their shoots? These options on lighting has become more price realistic nowadays. You can compare them to poor mans Halogen Work lights (not as bright) if you wish but they are an option. I hear this all the time, "only work with 'proper' equipment when on a commercial shoot", but if Garrett Brown hadn't done that, the steadicam would not have been invented even less helped the movie win the Oscars on its first unveiling. (Not saying that i am like G.Brown) I have c
  2. After reading posts again and again, i kind of understand what is going on there. LED has color shifts - if you are using a single LED light set up it will be ok as long as you color correct and balance and there maybe unsaturated in some colors. If you have mixed lights it will be very hard to correct because it would make the other lights look out of wack.
  3. THanks for the reply Phil, would that not be fixed by the color checker?
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