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  1. The Willis defence has not worked too well for me with producers... :)
  2. Hi All, I've noticing on my dailies for recent projects that I am underexposing skin tones. It is mostly intentional as I just find "balanced" shots quite ugly and digital looking - less so on the Dragon and Alexa, most significantly on the C300. I end up putting skin tones around 30% IRE and highlights (say 90% IRE) at about 60% IRE. These projects have all been narratives obviously as I wouldn't be able to get away with this in commercials. I'm wondering if any one else has experienced this with highlights. I'd rather not underexpose as it can make things tough in the grade, but I j
  3. Hi Everyone - I'm putting together a package for a very low budget feature. The production budget is $60k and I want to send production a reasonable camera and G&E package breakdown. Does anyone have a percentage that they think is a reasonable amount to allocate to equipment rental? I don't want to send something that the line-producer will scoff at. Thanks!
  4. I'm shooting a super low budget feature soon and am currently working on the gear package. The entire production budget is around $50k shooting in 12 days. Looking at local rental house catalogs, I'm not able to find a low enough day rate for a basic camera, grip and electric package. A c300 rig with a few Joker HMIs, 2 Kino 4x4s, some Arri tungstens and basic grip gear is still way too expensive. What equipment tricks do people use for micro budget features like this? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Adrian. I was leaning in that direction and after trying some test grading of different clips I agree that in camera is the way to go on this one.
  6. I have a shoot coming up where the director wants it to have that glow look made popular in shows like The West Wing and used recently in the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis. The look in question has blown out, glowing highlights and a generally diffused image. I know how to do this effect in camera with filters and somewhat hard lighting and can also instruct the colorist to apply the effect in post. I've never done a whole show with this look so was wondering what DPs experienced with the look thought was the better method of achieving it.
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