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  1. I've certainly seen that the bigger the lamp - the less the flicker but always put it down to the fact that such a large lamp doesn't actually dim enough between cycles to be noticeable. Test driving some plasma/xenon spacelights hopefully this week. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.
  2. I've been speaking to an industry contact today who has suggested we look into Hive lights and the Lab Light systems. One is about 30k and gives you a ten second burst, perfect for our setup at 1000 fps plus as we only get around 4-6 seconds at that frame rate. 2 of these may give us what we need to light the cyc and provide key which we could bounce for fill etc. I'm going to test them soon so I'll let you know how it goes!
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I've been digging around further and I'm thinking of a combination of everything we have plus 4 extra fixtures might be enough. I've been looking into the space lighting fixtures but my only problem with those is that you often get stuck with a certain look in that the light for the cyc is what lights the subjects and with so much flying around there's little latitude for modelling of any kind, especially at full length. We're going to demo some D40's and M18's and see how they fare. As we rarely shoot full length people at more than about 600 fps this may be suffic
  4. We already have a fairly large array of Kino's, about 22 fixtures, but they are pretty useless in most ultra slow applications because of their fall off, no focus ability and size.
  5. Hi, Been a lurker many years but need some advice on lighting fixtures. We have a Phantom HD Gold in our studio which lives in there all the time. Up until now we've been using a mixture of Kino, Dedo and Colortran fresnels to light scenes using different phases in the studio to negate flicker with the tungsten. Most of the stuff we do is small table top stuff but we now want to be able to light our entire studio cove (5 metres high 10 metres across) and have some money to achieve this. When we've had bigger shoots, lights have always been hired in on a job specific basis. We have
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