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  1. im understand what u mean it, so base on my understanding about the shadow in the lighting show the mystery, horror and so on that suitable with this kind of lighting... am i right??
  2. base on my reading, every film noir use chiaroscuro lighting. so how about if i discuss the type of emotion that chiaroscuro deliver in film noir??. for ur opinion, is it relevan to discuss about this??
  3. if i analyze tq sir, im understand that...so how come if i want to analyze chiaroscuro lighting in noir film?? i mean whats the problem statement should be, if i want to make thesis about chiaroscuro lighting in the noir film??what should i discuss??
  4. The question is, chiaroscuro is the lighting tecnique and film noir is a genre, but why noir always use chiaroscuro in lightup their film?? why noir not use the other lighting technique?? what the differences between chiaroscuro and noir??
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