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  1. Hello, We have just recently released a cool new app Clapboard: ★★★ Introducing Clapboard - For filmmakers, photographers, or for anyone who needs another take on things -- let Clapboard help create your next video or film★★★ Link to Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clapboard/id405769205?mt=8#! Clapboard is a production slate for your iPad. Add your own production info, customize any of the fields and edit changes to your entries. The app will even let you set the date, timestamp, and mark. Enter your production info, set the date and timestamp, prompt your actors, and more with this inexpensive tool. Available for iOS Devices(iPad). Download Clapboard now. On the first take, it’ll help you feel like a pro. I recommend you to download this awesome app. Enjoy!!
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