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  1. Hello, I'm seeking a DP for a feature film. I'm still putting together many of the moving parts such a named actors, money and locations therefore this director of photography will become part of the package I present to financiers. Ideally, I'm seeking someone who has 10 years plus experience and has at-least 3 films to his/her credits that are theatrical releases. Why is theatrical important especially today you may ask. Good question. Someone who has films continually exhibited in theaters knows what a theatrical film should look like. I'm not seeking someone who can shoot a TV looking movie. I'm looking for a cinematographer who understands how a shot translates when it's project 20 ft height and 50 ft long and the understand lighting and color. Some of the film will be shot under water so knowledge of underwater shooting is helpful especially when dealing with lighting. Also, some very important scenes will be shot at night and I'm looking for less grain in the blacks for my night shots. I understand grain can be cleaned up however the less we have to do in post the better. If it's right when it's shot, it's better in the edit. I'm projecting starting this film in the fall or maybe spring '18. We'll know more once the dust settles. If interested, Please send, IMDB, resume, day rate, and bio. Thank so much. Dt.
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