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  1. Just released the music video today - thanks for everyone's recommendations and advice on creating a breakaway window. We went with the sugar glass, but as you can see in the vid-it's only on for a split second and we added a layer of glass in post to give it some more shattered pieces. You can check out the video here: https://youtu.be/-_T1sYaeMP8. Thanks again and hope you enjoy!
  2. Thanks Landon, I'll try out the Isomalt and see how that goes. And Tim, I'll explore VFX too. That makes me nervous relying on 'doing it in post' though. I just launched a Kickstarter for the project: http://kck.st/20DfTtE for anyone interested. I'll be posting updates on here and on the Kickstarter page about the effects.
  3. Thanks everyone for your interest in this question and shout-out to Landon for putting that diagram together. Having a lot of back-up breakaway windows is more of a safety net in case the sugar glass breaks while I'm pulling it from out of the mold. I'm no Stanley Kubrick. And it isn't a concern to me if its realistic for a man to punch through a car window. It's more to dramatize the emotions of the story. To give you a visual of what I'm working with, here's a video showing what I did and how it looks: https://youtu.be/N_yBCDmn4ak. In this vid, I used saran wrap covered in oil, but the hot sugar glass got underneath some of it, which is why the final frame isn't so great. Tin foil gets too crumbly and the glass gets a jagged appearance. I have also tried using silicone mold, but I left the sugar glass out for 72 hours and melted on me so I will need to retest. I am getting a lot of thoughts on reasons not to create a breakaway window, but I didn't ask if I should or should not do it. I'm asking for alternatives to using sugar glass and also a better way to make a durable mold of my window. So appreciate your thoughts and for helping me out on my low-budget project. Thanks!
  4. I am making a low-budget short film in July, where the actor punches through the passenger window while another character sits in the passenger seat. They'll be multiple takes, so I want at least 10 breakaway windows. I've tested sugar glass, but it's tinted yellow. I've thought of using food coloring to try and dilute the yellow, but in case that doesn't work, I want other options. SMASH! Plastic (from smooth-on.com) looks realistic & clear. But don't want to pay $200+ for it. Is there some way I could make this plastic concoction on my own? Or another method to make smooth & clear glass under $100 for 10 windows?
  5. I'll be shooting recruiting videos for high school tennis players that want to play college tennis. There is nasty overhead lighting and I'm trying to brainstorm a more attractive lighting setup. I will be renting the lighting equipment. Any suggestions on set up within a reasonable budget? I've attached some of the courts I will be shooting on. I will be able to turn off the overhead lights.
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