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  1. We want the best cinematographers in America. Sign up now at http://iamadreammaker.com/pre%20open%20audition%20sign%20up.html Dream Makers is a talent contest/reality TV show where the audience builds the best movie making cast & crew in America. The show stars Directors, Cinematographers, Production Designers, Music Supervisors & Actors and features all the other talented people who make movies. Dream Makers starts online then adds cable TV broadcast and finally adds movie theaters across America for the show finale’. Each episode—hosted by Roger Rohatgi—features the contestants’ pitches, tasks unique to the movie industry that have to be completed by a certain deadline and stories about the personal journey about how they got to where they are today. Our judges will give their opinion about who they think are best suited to be on the team but the audience has the last say as to who gets to stay on the show and make it to the Dream Makers movie making team. Open audition sign ups run through the end of December 2013. After the contestants sign up they will make pitch videos about themselves to show why they should be on the show. Once the audition pitch videos are evaluated, the semi-finalists will be notified within a few days whether or not they will be included on the show. During January of 2014 our judges will select contestants from the nationwide audition process to compete for the movie making positions. 20 semi- finalists will be chosen in January. Then 10 contestants from each category will be announced in February. These contestants will compete for the one position in their category to become part of the Dream Maker Movie Team. When the television broadcast phase starts, Dream Makers will announce the top 5 Directors. These directors will then work with the remaining contestants everyday for the rest of the season. They will provide their opinions, insights, and advice to help the rest of the contestants make the team. Each week contestants will make a pitch video about how they would apply their craft to develop a section of a screenplay. The judges will give their professional opinion about who made the best pitch, but the audience will select their favorite contestants in each category. Each week the lowest vote getters from each category will leave the show. http://iamadreammaker.com/pre%20open%20audition%20sign%20up.html
  2. Hometown Entertainment is casting Cinematographers (as a Lead character in our new reality TV show) who understand lighting and grip equipment, digital camera formats and be able to employ these elements in a dynamic symphony to elicit an emotional response from the audience, the ultimate team player, listens for input from the creative team uses the best and tactfully dismisses the not so great ideas. You ought to check it out at www.iamadreammaker.com Sign up is free. The show “Dream Makers” features the pitching, planning and negotiating that goes on, behind the scenes, before the movie is ever filmed. It shows the reality of what you, the contestant, will be going through during the development and pre-production phases of making a movie. Hollywood Studios spend most of their time in this phase. They do this so they can guarantee that their movie will be the best it can be. People, not connected with the Hollywood machine, rarely have that opportunity. This is that opportunity. “Dream Makers” is a new kind of TV show that is like having open tryouts for the major leagues where the fans gets to choose who makes the team. Contestants are vying for 8 key positions: Director, Cinematographer, Production Design, Music Supervisor, plus four Actor categories. The show format is sort of like combining American Idol and The Apprentice. “Dream Makers” is slated to be on one of the largest Social Television network; where an interactive audience can become part of the show.
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