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  1. Wanted to thank you all for your ideas - I ended up shooting with a 1k / 500w tungsten at 120fps, 125 shutter and was able to get some solid slowmotion w/o flicker. 240fps just wasn't possible in the environment at the last minute ;( The DC conversion idea is brilliant also!
  2. First time poster, but have absorbed much from these forums over the past few months! I have a live event shoot coming up tomorrow that I'll be shooting 240fps on a FS700 for some nice slowmotion shots of people in a single, indoor area - however from tests I've done (with ambient + tungsten to replicate the venue) I've gotten some pretty terrible flickering. Problems: 1. No control over ambient lighting in the area (indoors) 2. Small indoor area 3. Limited gear allowed in area (1-2 lights, flags would be pushing it) Any ideas on what I could do to make this video the best it can be, or at worst, remove the flicker in (shudder) post? Would really appreciate some help on this, really want to deliver a high quality video for this client! -Karl
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