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  1. The answer to the build quandary. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chad Koeller | RED SUPPORT (RED Digital Cinema) Feb 8, 12:12 PM Hi Joel, Our engineers released two different versions, a build 5 and a build 6 at the same time to give users the option to stay on build 5 if preferred and to still benefit from bug fixes since the last version of build 5 that was released. This is for customers that are mid-production who don't want to upgrade to a more advanced build (6) and stay on build 5 but still benefit from bug fixes and added stability. The main stability feature that we needed to implement was an ongoing issue with the RED Touch 7" LCD. See below fix added to both builds: Fix intermittent image ‘jitter’ on RED Touch 7" LCD It is a bit strange but we often get customers who have been on productions that need fixes for bugs but they want to keep the firmware on the same version throughout the production. I hope this helps and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. --------------------------------------------------------- A very reasonable response from Red. Good customer support.
  2. An update to my question from Red Support. Chad Koeller | RED SUPPORT (RED Digital Cinema) Feb 4, 3:45 PM Hello Joel, Thank you for contacting RED SUPPORT. I see what you are referring to and am looking into this, but this may be a typo or possibly a beta that got switched over to the release page. We post the differences in the release notes, however we always recommend having the camera on the latest release firmware build since it has the latest feature additions and bug fixes. Some of the major changes between build 5 and build 6 is that with build 6 you have a stills mode so you can toggle between motion or stills, the user interface has changed and it has the additonal OLPF options as well. Overall, build 6 has more fixes and features and is more stable than build 5. The latest build is 6.0.46 which is what we recommend using. Thank you.
  3. The strange thing is they've been supporting two different versions for a year. A version 6 and 5 and releasing them simultaneously. I'm hoping that someone will get back to me from Red and then I'll post what they say on here.
  4. Looking to figure out why there are two builds that were released on the same date. One is, V6.0.44 released on 12/18/15 and the other is V5.3.49. My real question is what is the difference between Versions, 5 and 6? Not just the obvious but why are there 2 different competing versions and does it hurt to switch over to V6 from V5? Has anybody else been curious about this or is it something obvious that I completely missed? Recommendations on which to use? I'm running an Epic Mysterium-X. I appreciate the help in advance.
  5. Pretty much as the topic states. I've never used the FF5 with the CN-Es but I need to know if it can clear them. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!
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