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  1. yeah - starting to sound like the 200T is a winner in terms of latitude (at least for how i'll be using it). i will probably wind up getting a few of those and possibly try out a 500T. but i do want to compare the built in daylight filter with a screw-on while using the 200T outdoor, just to see if there is a noticeable difference. The 43mm 85b filters aren't too pricey. thanks again for all the input on this from everyone. i'm excited to shoot and feel pretty good about getting some great looking footage.
  2. Good to know. Thank Anthony. And that will save me some bucks on the weird combo filter too. Would you still recommend a screw on 85 or 85b vs. the built-in which (according to reading) reduces the quality?
  3. Great input thanks Larry. I'm feeling pretty comfortable now about shooting this thing with the films mentioned whereas yesterday I had no idea. I'd love to see the footage of the 200T on the 514 if you can find the link, since it's basically the same (vision2 vs. vision3) as what I'll be doing. If I wanted to stick with the one stock, 200T, do you think using a combo 0.6ND/85B filter like the one below would produce good results in daylight on the 200T, then I could just pull it for the indoor stuff? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/566032-REG/Formatt_BF_43_85ND_6_43mm_Combination_85_Neutral_Density.html
  4. Thanks for the input Anthony! This gives me a good framework to work with and I appreciate the explanations. Sounds like I should just grab one or two of each type (50D, 200T, 500T) and changeas the situation requires. Since the cartridges are lightproof, can I swap them mid-roll or is that a bad idea (assuming I remember to adjust settings properly each time)? The transfer option is attractive as well. I got the first Tri-X roll processed/developed at Spectra, so I could do that again and then send to you strictly for transfer? Again, thanks for your input.
  5. After re-reading this thread (http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=59592) it seems like my best bet for this scenario would be to get a few rolls of 500T to be safe inside with the low light levels, and then a screw-on 85 filter for when I am outside during the day (thank you David Cunningham). Does that sound like a good approach? I am wondering if I will also need an ND filter for outdoors with the 500T or if the camera will expose properly without it. Thanks again.
  6. Greetings, I was recently given a Canon 514XL camera. I am familiar with still film in general but am not clear on how this camera works with various stocks and I have no manual. I know the cam works as I have run a roll of Tri-X through it and got it developed successfully. That being said I am not interested in taking black and white at this time. I am going to Las Vegas in January and want to get a couple cartidges of color film to shoot outdoors on the strip (during the day) as well as inside on various casino floors. I have been browsing the forums and it seems like Vision3 50D would be good for daylight/outdoor and possibly 200T or 500T for inside, but I am not sure as I have no experience with either. What is confusing me is how my particular camera will treat these films. I have been reading about needing an 85 filter for the T films, but I'm not sure if the 514XL has that built-in or not? I'm not even sure if the cam will support these cartridges due to the issue of setting the ASA correctly with the notches, etc. In addition, I've read on this forum that it might be better to just use the higher-ASA rated T films with a screw on filter instead of using two different stocks. As far as grain goes, I honeslty don't care. I like grain (within reason) and this is a personal project. It adds a certain character so reducing grain across lighting scenarios is not my primary goal. If it's clean, great. Light to moderate grain, great also. I am really hoping a nice gentle soul on this forum will offer some guidance to an amateur who is new to this area. I was going to post in the new user forum but this sub-forum seemed more approriate. Mods can move thread if necessary. Thanks!
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