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  1. On the brighter side... I want to thank you all for your cooperation! The info needed was gathered. 100ASA will be made since most of you asked for it. I'll contact each of you, once the product will be ready for shipping! Regards, Valerian
  2. Just to clarify some things that might be misinterpreted by any readers... The words that I wrote "I'm almost crying feeling helpless" were to describe my helplessness to make myself understood by some people here... Some people, that even if they have the whole information sent to them, here is what they did: "Previously, when reading it, I had stopped at these words (your caps)..."..since Foma is NOT producing it..."."" And look what they say about my message, that they had not the decency to read it in full: "You are a tricky read." ...."For me those messages bubble with intrigue and missdirection. It's a headache. Now you are looking for someone to blame for this confused mess?"... For God sake!! Am I sending messages to kids? Recently, I had a death in my family...there was nothing to do for that person...that was the time when I really cried feeling helpless ... Somehow I had the same feelings here with my last posts... I felt helpless
  3. Gregg, there was no kind of humor in my previous post ...actually I'm almost crying feeling helpless...
  4. Gregg, I have NO problem with you posting my PM! Fact that I THANK YOU FOR!! You did the right thing! My dissertation on the difference between revealing something on a forum page and reveling it on a PM was about your affirmation: "But first, let's culture some logic here. Telling a small number is not the same as publicly telling everyone."
  5. Gregg, pardon me but your ignorance on internet posting is beyond any limit! Here is the difference! And the BIG one!!! Posting something ON a forum page can be seen by EVERYONE EVEN WITH A GOOGLE SEARCH as it is PUBLICLY POSTED ON A FORUM! while a PM CAN NOT BE ACCESSED BY GOOGLE SEARCH! So, you can say whatever bad words you wanna say about what company you want to say....NOBODY EXCEPT YOU AND THE RECIPIENT will see it!! I feel such a bitter taste in my mouth...
  6. Thanks for confirming and posting my PM to you...The information revealed is quite relevant for the subject.(As I recall I even sent you a video link of a 16mm REVERSAL Foma film that we both agree that it looks quite nice... therefore there is no reason why the Foma 16mm NEGATIVE to have worse results...) Please confirm or deny this too...for the truth's sake too.... Valerian
  7. Unbelievable post of yours since you are one of the members that I have shared the manufacturer's name with! YOU NEW ABOUT FOMA BEFORE Dennis did "his research", yet you are the first to thank Dennis for "the truth"! Pardon me but I'm amazed by your attitude? Please confirm or deny! that I have revealed you the manufacture's name in a PM...just for the truth's sake Valerian
  8. Regarding your first concern...you have all the explanation in my post. Regarding your other affirmation, I'm not in the mood to give you an answer...but if I would have been in the mood, I would have answered you: "Right said Fred! he he "....
  9. Further information on the product: The product is entirely financed by a company based in Wrexham, UK . The 34 cans will be then produced by Foma and shipped to UK. Each can will be labeled with the private label (as described in my previous post) according to the film speed contained in the cans. Each can ordered will be shipped from UK (TNT carrier, Express delivery (3-4 days)) all over the world. Regards, Valerian
  10. Dennis, You definitely are a very informed and up to date guy! Your knowledge "on everything" is truly remarkable! Respect on this gift of yours! However, your habit of digging in everything until you get to its DNA is very unhealthy for you and for the people around you... Despite my bad habit of making silly jokes and ending my sentences with " he he " I will not do this on any of my sentences on this post of mine.... Your existence is truly unique! I sincerely feel sorry for you...I will refrain from making any further comments on this subject. Preamble: This thread was started for the solely purpose of gathering information regarding the opportunity of producing a new product: 16mm negative B&W film of the speeds stated in the first post. The tech specs available for download were added later for everybody to consult. Also, a survey was added for people to declare their opinions and share their opinions. The name of the product offered was : Valerian's Fresh Film. Product development: The 16mm negative B&W film was never produced by Foma therefore this product is NOT offered by them. This new product will be produced by Foma at my personal suggestion. It will be produced under private label. The label with the product's name "Valerian's Fresh Film" will be printed by me and applied on all the 16mm negative b&w films that will be produced. Foma logo will be on the product label (as part of the label design) and they will be indicated as the producer of the film! Regarding the subject you have brought up, here are the answers. I will post them without the intention of further conversation on this subject. Question 1 : "I have learned from Foma in Czech Republic that a Valerian E Partenie is negotiating with them to resell their Fomapan film cut and perforated 16 mm by them. Why did Mr. Partenie conceal this information from the forum?" Answer: I will not resell their "Fomapan film cut and perforated 16mm" The correct sentence is: They will produce for me, at my order, 16mm negative b&w films with the tech specs we agreed, product that I will resell. The main reason that I have concealed this information from the forum is not to involve their name publicly. There are a few forum members that had contacted me in private, and they can confirm, that I had gladly revealed the producer's name to them. You did not do that... The second reason was not to drag Foma's name into a public dispute. However, despite my efforts, words like "Foma's spectral sensitivity data is primitive" were posted by you, without me revealing the producer's name... Question 2: "Why doesn't Mr. Partenie sell the Fomapan film with the Foma label so the buyers know what they are getting?" Answer: This post, as stated into the preamble, was intended to gather information from the market. The product simply does not exist yet! Nor the label...There is nothing to sell at this time. The future of this product is already described in the preamble. Affirmation 1: "If he plans to later substitute other product, he must be prevented from doing this from the start." Answer: There is no substitution involved here. Demand 1: "Demand that Mr. Partenie drop his absurd "Valerian's Fresh Films" label and resell Foma film as "Foma"!" Answer; Since this is a new product and it will be made under a private label the name "Valerian's Fresh Films" will be printed on the product's label along with the producer's logo. Demand 2: "Demand that Mr. Partenie say who he is and where he is!" Answer: I am Valerian E Partenie (also the name on this forum's account) the person that the Foma representatives already told you about. Demand 3: "If he refuses, make a different arrangement for redistributing specially slit/perfed Fomapan" Answer : With all due respect, I don't understand what do you want me to answer at this demand of yours...It looks to me like an ultimatum...and I do refuse to discuss it... I truly hope that the above answers will be fairly understood by anyone who read this post of mine. In conclusion: I would like to share with you all my personal impressions regarding this post of mine... This post is my first experience with meeting people from all over the world that are reunited through a common interest: cinematography The thread that I started here, as you have roughly found it, is a genuine one.. It is a personal action of mine, feeling sorry for the analog film's life... So I took action and found a solution of producing a new product for less money! I'm investing my money to do this (I never asked you of any money!) I was only interested if any potential buyers! In fact this was (and still is) the purpose of this thread... All of you understood and we had a pleasant conversation (on the forum or as PM) except ONE that went to the producer to look for me... Even after the producer confirmed me as the person that he is dealing with for this project...that ONE person starts a lot of demands... This being said, Dennis, from now on I will never read or give any answer to any of your posts. Once again, I can assure you of my sincere admiration for your knowledge of things, but you are far from the person that I would ever have a pleasure to have a chat with. Therefore, please do not post anything else on this thread of mine! I will gladly read any other post of yours, that are truly very documented, but not on this thread. Sincerely, Valerian E Partenie
  11. 1. Nothing to comment here. 2. This film is intended to be used by everyone (professionals and home movies enthusiasts) Indeed the specs presented are for the spiral tank developing, affordable for any enthusiast. The cinelab processing needs testings but there is no reason why to get bad results if you can get good results with manual processing...these cinelab tests will be done by Dirk DeJonghe too. 3. I have nothing against the idea of letting you doing these emulsion uniformity and perforation uniformity tests if you agree to help me with. Regards, Valerian
  12. Thanks for your answers but they are not related to the subject (1 can= 2 x 400'roll) No 100' daylight spools will be produced at this time.
  13. Dennis, Thanks for this new post! You are totally right in what you are saying regarding the quality tests! Once this film will be available I'll send it for testing to Dirk DeJonghe in Belgium to run sensitometric tests that will be published online for anyone to see the results before they buy! The entire qty will be produced on my expenses! I'm not asking for money from anybody! With this thread I'm just interested in THE NUMBER of the potential buyers and their filming habits!! This way I can calculate if this product's perspective is a wide one or a narrow one...Thing that you haven't even touched in your posts here! From the beginning you've had a negative opinion to express... As you said, "There have always been know-nothing buffoons operating at the fringes of motion picture technology" like there will always be uncomfortable alarmist people that put the bad before everything... I truly hope that this is not the case with either of us! Regards, Valerian
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