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  1. Ah yes I see what you mean about finding it hard to judge to composition without a narrative context, I suppose thats where my testing fell quite a bit, because I was focusing on composing a image with no idea on what the story was of this person and what has happened. I was literally looking at the framing. The visual example you posted where Ma Kent is on the edge of the frame really helps me understand and see how a narrative can create a composed image and give it context to an audience, which is really what my project will hopefully do when testing is done and I start shooting it. Have you anymore examples like this? If you have watched Luther before, what would you say about that programs composition, as some of those shots really look at placing characters right on the edge of the frame. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. Bill Your comments did make a lot of sense and it did help me to understand what needs to be looked at more with composing an image. To be fair I have only started experimenting with these things in my project. As for your question to start your reply, I completely forgot to say ignore the grading, that was mainly too see how much i could push the C100 in post for future reference, the grades pretty bad I accept that, but yeah I know out of context and i forgot to mention that in my previous post. David, thank you for liking the widescreen framing, however I'm not fully understanding your comment, could you expand on that for me? Many thanks guys!
  3. Hello there, I am new to this forum so hope everyone is okay. I am in my final year at university and my topic of focus is Cinematography. More in depth my focus is Cinematography: How framing and composition can convey a narrative/emotion. I have been doing some research into different styles of art and photography express emotion and their techniques to draw an audience into their work. For example I have been looking into the work of expressionist art work, moving on then into German expressionism which then led to Film Noir (that's all i have got so far in my research). I also have my personal favorite films/tv programs which inspire me with their visual styles and just the general way they shoot. These consist of BBC's Luther, Channel 4's Utopia, La Haine, Lost in Translation, BBC's Sherlock, Ginger and Rosa and The Road. I basically want to open a discussion looking at this topic and get personal opinion off of other cinematographers and just people interested in visual elements. For example, does breaking the rules of composition help create a distorted image, and does that show a characters emotion at that point in time? I shot some rough tests on a C100 looking a lot at how the camera operates etc but also different styles of framing that i have seen on programs and films before. Please check this out and leave me feedback on what you felt the framing gave to the scene and if it worked, if it didnt, or just a general comment (leave it on vimeo if you want). Many Thanks, Look forward to hearing from people. Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/81618367
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