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  1. You all have been a great help, and brought much relief. What started this off was hearing that American camera unions require a colour blindness test - does anyone know if this is true?
  2. Thank you Phil! That particular test looks like a 29 to me, but of course this on a library monitor etc. etc. I will get a second opinion! And in the meantime I'll continue to plug away as it doesn't seem to be affecting my work (I guess I'm just a little anxious.) Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone! I am a student at film school and after an eye exam last week learned that I have what the doctor referred to as "extremely mild colour blindness" along red-green. It was so mild, in fact, that it interfered with some slides on the Ishihara chart - for instance, on one slide, colour normal people were supposed to see a 2, colour blind people were supposed to see a 5, but I saw a light 2 superimposed over a 5! However mild it is, though, it does represent a colour deficiency and I'm worried that it will interfere with me being able to do any jobs in the lighting/camera department. I really would like to become a gaffer/cinematographer, and while I have never really had any issues on the student films I've worked on in terms of assessing colour or colour temperature, I'm still nervous now. Is this mild colour blindess something I should be worried about in terms of seriously inhibiting me down the road? Thank you! Sidney
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