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  1. Shooting on Cannon 7D, 24 fps, 50th shutter speed. The scene is the subject lit only by a pulsating strobe light. What is the easiest/ most affordable solution to sync the strobe with camera and avoid flicker, banding etc.? If possible, I'd like to have various speeds of the strobe for dramatic build. Any recommendation on brand/type of strobe? Will be using house power. Shoot is in Los Angeles. Thanks!
  2. I own a set and can offer some advice: Get in touch with Duclos lenses ~ Iris declicked step up rings to 80mm so you have a uniform set that will fit a matte box WARNING - These lenses only get good in my opinion at 4 to 5.6 On the other hand, CP.2s really are the same glass rehoused and not worth the money to have to stop down that much so the ZF.2 is the way to go EXCEPT you can do accurate focus pulls on the CP.2 and it is properly marked because it is in a cinema lens housing. Trying to do a focus pull on the ZF.2 is nearly impossible as there is hardly any throw and not properly marked for film making. Just some thoughts to share based on my experience Good luck!
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