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  1. Hi, I realise this topic is 10 years old, but I'm in the same boat and can't find any information anywhere else. I recently bought a Nizo S2. Seemed to be in perfect condition and everything worked perfectly until the lightmeter got stuck. The metering is TTL. I turn the knob, but the iris is stuck at f18, bot on manual and automatic. My camera doesn't have a needle, but a rotating disk. I assume that it's also connected to the aperture mechanism, since the iris doesn't seem to move when i turn the knob. Has anybody managed successfully repair a stuck lightemer, rather than replacing it? I'm not even sure if this is an option on this model. Any tips on how to do so or any place I can send the camera for repair in Easter Europe? Tank you, Angel
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, but I've been reading through it for some time now and it is a great place. I'm doing some experimenting with old russian glass. I have 2 Krasnogorsk 3 cameras, one with a bayonet mount and one with M42. Since I don't have the money to develop and convert film, they've been gathering dust for a while. I recently bought a small Canon digital camera, the EOS-M, and since it's mirrorless, I can attach my Mir 17-69 zoom lens on it with an M42 adapter. Using Magic Lantern firmware, the camera has a crop mode, that shoots only the center of the sensor, so there is no vignetting, and the resulting focal length is about 70-80mm. So I've been having fun with this ridiculous looking combo for a few days now, and it's rather fun. I'm very happy to be able to use the K3 lens on a digital camera, but the zoom lens is both larger and heavier than the camera itself. On my bayonet mount K3, I have a Mir 11 lens, that would be perfect, plus I can fit an anamorphic adapter like my Delrama to it. So, my question is, does anyone know if there are Mir 11 lenses with an M42 mount? And if not, can you recommend a wide-angle lens on an M42 mount that I might use instead? Same flange distance? P.S: If you are wondering "Why go trough all this trouble to use 16mm lens in crop mode on a mirrorless camera?", using the crop mode eliminates moire, aliasing and other digital artifacts.
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