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    I am a bit of a run and gun style film type of guy, I don't really go for tripods and sliders. Natural all the way. I love film and really want to own an Arri sr3. I used one for a project and fell in live with the camera and its ease of use.
  1. Great advise, I guess I want a more cinematic look, Unfortunately I cant afford HMI lights let alone the power source to run them, But listening to the advise gives me confidence, I think I will go for a more natural look and try and use the sun as a backlight as Mark suggested. It should set the tone of the scene better. Many thanks for all your help, I keep over thinking the technical and loose sight of what I'm trying to achieve visually
  2. Thank you sirs helpful forum so far, I appreciate it
  3. No the idea is to dolly into the two having a conversation, eye level shot This will mean the sky will be in frame as there is no trees directly behind. From there I can use OTS shots Its just very hard when I scout for a location and have to think very hard about light, Which is great because I love the challenge
  4. Okay I have basic skills with a light meter, I can operate a film cameras and Dslrs and so on. My questions is this. Say Im sat in a park doing a shot of two people sat on a bench, The weather is sunny with clouds and in the golden hour so not directly above, They are sat in partial shade and I will be using a reflector to bounce some soft fill. Do I take an incident reading from my actors faces and use that reading for my F stop Would this effect the exposure of the sky. As much as I have searched I have not found a decent tutorial anywhere that doesn't include Lighting, Seeing
  5. Thanks I will give them a try and post the results when it's back Thanks
  6. Hi I have been trying to research the best places to get my film 16mm stock developed (UK) and then transferred into digital format. I found a company called idailies Has anyone had any dealings with them? Would love to know if people have used them and what costs where involved Anyone have any footage I can see that they processed would be a treat too many thanks David
  7. Thanks for the help, I will check those out, Just happy to be shooting film again
  8. Thanks for the help, I will check those out, Just happy to be shooting film again
  9. Hi everyone Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I'm real new to forums. I have a krasnogorsk k3 and I understand the onboard light meter is not to be trusted. I have looked at many light meters but they all seam far to advanced for my needs I know at 24 frames per second the shutter speed is 1/60th So I only really need to know the f stop right ? So my question is is there a light meter you can recommend that Perhaps any of you use ? Many thanks in advance, Cheers Dave from the uk (It always rains here)
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