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  1. Thanks to all you guys for such good informations! I'll post the test shot here as soon as I have a chance!
  2. Hi, first time posting here. Has anyone tried to shoot 2x anamorphic lenses with 16mm film (let's say kodak 7219 stock) and how did it go? From what I knew, 16mm has 1.37:1 ratio. So use with 2x anamorphic lenses it's gonna be 2.74:1 which wider than 2.40:1. So I have more room to readjust a frame in post right? What about the image quality, does it look good? I did a research online but I haven't seen any decent one yet. FYI: I'm planing to shoot on Arri SR-II, Kodak 7219 and Kowa Prominar anamorphic prime set. Thanks in advance.
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