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  1. Honestly I saw the "before" image thinking it was your color grade, and thought it looked great! Then I saw the after and.. didn't like it so much. The "before" is really nice.. just make very small changes from there, IMO.
  2. I ended up yesterday buying a 15A plug and fitting it with that. I also figured out the circuit layout of my house so I know where I can plug it in and power it safely. Thanks for your responses.
  3. Thanks for all the responses. Guy, if I were to go the route of stepping down 240v to 120v to take advantage of a large 120v circuit, is there a transformer on the market that would do exactly this job or is that something I would need to build myself (like outfitting it with Bates plugs like you suggested, etc)?
  4. Apparently I can no longer edit either post above (time limit?), so here's a new post. How hard is it to convert 120v to 220v? What kind of transformer would I need? (need one that is rated for certain amount of watts? can someone provide me with a link? Just trying to understand all this) This would allow me to bring the draw down from 16.7 amps to 8.35 amps, correct?
  5. It has this plug on it and almost all houses here don't use those. Should I or can I (safely) replace it with a typical 15A/Edison plug (keeping in mind I need a 20A breaker with nothing else running on that circuit)?
  6. Hi, I bought a used 2kW Mole Super Softlite, and it has a 20A plug on it. The max draw of this light is 16.7 amps (2,000 watts / 120v). How can I power this light in my household and/or in other locations? I read Guy Holt's suggestion to use a 240v-to-120v step down transformer. Would this work for my application? Thanks for any help.
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