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  1. Check also this video. Do you agree that cinematographer succeeded in emulating film?
  2. Hi everybody, I just also check this video and I wanted to check if you believe the director succeeded in adding texture to the image. https://vimeo.com/107084130 Thanks :)
  3. Thanks for your reply Mr Mullen. I think I got the whole meaning of texture wrong then. :unsure: Could we say I mean the level of color saturation in the film? The film above here kinda reminded me level of filmic color saturation in Shawn's Christensen CURFEW. The reds and greens in that film above kinda kinda was on similar level to Curfew. Now say you want to extract that level of color saturation from DSLR sensor how could do that? Unfortnately I can't afford scanning the footage to a film stock like the makers of Curfew done. So can this be acheived digitally? Any specific programs? Or Lenses is the factor? I would really appreciate it if you could elaborate on the meaning of texture since I got it wrong Mr Mullen. :) I admit I'm a newbie to cinematography and its a honor to learn here :)
  4. Come on guys, stop viewing and join the discussion. humble me please :)
  5. Hi everyone, I've one those searcher of the holygrail, searching for the filmlook without using stock. The film below was shot on 60d and I thought the image texture was astounding. I contacted the filmmaker and he wouldn't respond to what factor helped in acheving such texture from such camera. I was wondering if its the L-series lens that contributed that? Thus I came to you professionals to help me answer this question, How to get texture organic image from a DSLR?
  6. Hi guys, I am an amateur and newbie in cinematography. what KY means?
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