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  1. Hi all,


    As there wasn't a response here it may be that there weren't many examples to show for the question. The finished product is below; I thought someone might be interested to see it. I ended up over exposing between 2-3 stops and pulling 1 on the first section of the film. I wish i'd gone further now but as it was a cloudy/rainy day it was tricky to get exactly what I was after on the exteriors. The perils of shooting in the UK!





  2. Phil you are a reverse luddite .I watched the current Spider Man 2 film last week at a BSC show . Shot on film looked fantastic ,the Director had shot No.1 on Epic and was very unhappy with the look Dan Mindel ASC/BSC who shot this one did a Q+A after and said the Director now has a clause in future contracts that he will only shoot on film . I hated the movie to long and can i say Boring ? Not my kind of film.


    we should all put the "film clause" in our contracts

  3. I spoke to a person in the know from lets say the biggest camera equipment company there is about 2 months ago, yes film 35mm and 65mm .

    panavision very nice!! (i want to shoot all my projects on 35mm…with this camera or arri LT, which I could actually buy..and I'm saving for)

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