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  1. The super 16 is then minmally cropped after anamorphosis, how would you frame with that?
  2. Also, to Dan Dorland, I found your scan of the 1.37 quite beautiful but no offense, I do want to use anamorphics to maximize coverage of the film in order to reduce grain. Brilliant idea, though and your results were very good. But I think I'll just go for the adapter to go in front of the lens.
  3. Thanks everyone, much more informed now. Gracias. All of your ideas are great but just two more crazy questions, and I'm sorry Phillip Mosness, but If I were to modify a 16mm gate to 1.19, then all that's required is the Anamorphic adapter, correct? And from there it's possible to scan then unsqueeze in computer or blow up to 35mm and project w/ Anamorphics?
  4. I'm throwing ideas out because I'm interested in shooting 2.39 with standard 16mm film, which would thus require 2x Anamorphic Lenses with a 1.19 Frame on a standard 16mm strip, specifically this means fitting the largest 1.19:1 rectangle possible on 16mm, single perf or double, whichever gives more room efficiently without compromising steady feed. 1. Is it possible? 2. Who could manufacture such a film? 3. What would it cost? Thanks for reading this madness. -Steven
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