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  1. A quick follow-up: I had ~6000 feet of 8mm and Super-8 scanned by Images4Life, and they did a great job. All the film came back to me safely, and the scans look great. Highly recommended. Stephen
  2. Hi again, Well, I got all the 9.5mm scanned, and am very happy with the results. Images4Life were awesome. Their advice was that good quality 9.5mm film does deserve a higher-than-HD res. scan, so I got it at 2336 x 1752, the max resolution of their Flashscan Choice. They don't charge anything for the extra resolution beyond 1080p, which is very friendly. To be (excessively) thorough, I asked for ProRes 444(4) instead of the standard 422, which was charged a little extra. Not all the source footage warrants the 2.3k scan, but it's from 1936! When it is all in good condition the detail is impressive. I'll be getting a whole lot of 8mm and Super-8 scanned through Images4Life. Stephen http://stealthdonkey.com/temp/film/hi/1.jpg http://stealthdonkey.com/temp/film/hi/2.jpg http://stealthdonkey.com/temp/film/hi/3.jpg http://stealthdonkey.com/temp/film/hi/4.jpg
  3. Well ... I'm in South Africa, far away from scanning options, so the decision is harder to test...
  4. Hi there, First post on this forum, nice to meet you. I'm looking to get some reels of 9.5mm archive film transferred. I've looked around on the internet (before finding this forum), and am now chatting to Images4Life in the UK. They seem to offer a great balance of options and price. I'm looking for a reference. Can anyone recommend their services? It looks like they're using a flashscan Choice. I'd be getting the scanning done at the full resolution, transcoded to ProRes 444. I see lots of discussion about quality on this thread. Does anyone have anything to add? Thanks! Stephen *Edit: full res would be their 2.3K
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