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  1. Hey Diego, thanks for the advice! I'm not sure if i really get it. Wouldn't it be easier with the green on the outside to get the reflections right? In my experience Keylight in AE should be able to handle a screen behind glass, if im not wrong.. How would i get the reflections if i tape the green paper on the inside of the windows? BTW I'm also gonna get some curtains to minimize the amount of the windows visible. Thanks!
  2. hehe, yeah you're right. It's just that we only have this one try to pull it off. There's a kid involved, lots of people who travel to the location and of course a lot of organisation and schedules. Do you guys have any tips that i should consider? The distance of the screen to the window, the lighting of the screen, when we're shooting night time scenes? that's what worries me the most. Shooting a night scene in the room with all the light outside the window lighting the screen... Thank you guys!
  3. Hey guys, this is my first post here, so i hope i'm in the right category;) For a music video we're shooting a "kid's room". It isn't an actual kid's room, but we're designing the interior to look like it. The unfortunate thing is a BIG window. And behind this window is kind of a restaurant/lounge. We could move all the chairs and stuff, but you would see that there is just another room behind the window... So i figured we put up a big greenscreen which i already own, and later add the exterior. Maybe the outside of the window might actually be a picture of the universe, i know it sounds cheesy, but the video is kinda weird for itself and it would fit the album cover. But anyways, here is a picture of the room i'm talking about. Do you think a well lit greenscreen would to the trick? I'm a little scared of having a green spill on the window frame etc. I'm using Keylight in After Effects for the post production and i'm fairly experienced with chromakeying in post. Fyi we will almost exclusively do still shots so there will be no need for camera tracking. I hope i could be as clearly as possible! Thanks!! Best, Karl EDIT: For the final video we have to shoot daytime and nightime scenes in this room!
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